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Our Executive Coaching and training services achieve extraordinary results. Our clients say that, and we’ve worked with thousands of people.


Welcome to AH Action, where executive coaching and training services propel leaders to extraordinary heights. Explore our services to learn how we can help you. Everything we do is bespoke. We know it is the only way to achieve the right results…quickly.

Executive Coaching

Whether you have taken time out from your career, are unsure about your progression or want to smash the glass ceiling, you are in the right place.


From delivering Powerful Presentations to Media Training and Crisis Management – the experience you need to deliver your message.

Public Speaking

From The House of Lords, to the NEC and crowds of tens of thousands, Arti brings a wealth of experience as a keynote speaker and presenter.

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A simple winning formula

Confidence. Clarity. Communication.

"It all starts with what you say and how you say it – internally to yourself and externally to others"

Confidence - the foundation of leadership.

Coaching and guidance to help you find your inner strength and express it effectively in professional environments. Our methods are designed to boost your self-assuredness and enable you to make bold, effective decisions.

Clarity - understanding your goals, values and strategy.

Working in collaboration ensures a well-defined vision and a crystal-clear professional pathway. With this clarity, you'll be able to lead effectively and navigate your career progression with certainty.

Communication - the key in any leadership role.

Get equipped with the tools and strategies needed to communicate effectively in various contexts, whether it be internal team discussions or high-stake board meetings. Our coaching program includes exercises in both verbal and written communication.

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Executive Coaching

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Media training

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Presentation skills

What people say

Arti provided a media training for our senior comms team at Diageo. It was overall a great experience: informative and challenging in a great way. From having on-camera practice and getting to see the recordings right away, to Arti's kind but direct feedback, it set a good atmosphere amongst peers for us to all learn from each other as needed. I would recommend her media training to any company or person in need of a basic 101 or refresher.
Katarina Maloney Damrée
Senior Culture & Entertainment Manager, Europe - Diageo
Arti has addressed both of my Vistage CEOs/business leaders groups. Her session on Reputation was very interesting and hugely helpful. We were reminded how making small mistakes can have massive and very expensive consequences for businesses. Arti’s recent virtual session was very insightful, as it addressed how reputation is now more important and more sensitive than ever. We left better performed and entertained: never a dull moment.
Harry Wyndham
Company chairman, director, investor and Group Chair at Vistage UK
Arti created a bespoke training day for my team. The day achieved the primary objective of honing and improving our current presentation skills. This was evident immediately. However the unexpected and wholly beneficial ‘after-shock’ of the training was a deep questioning of the way we do things and desire to look at achieving our goals afresh, rather than merely following previous practice. Effective, thought-provoking and fun - highly recommend!
Luca Conte
Commercial Manager at Beechfield Brands Ltd

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Find how you too can master your communication with confidence and clarity.

Executive Coaching

Sometimes you need someone to hold up a special mirror to show you what is really going on inside so you can take the right action on the outside. 

Our Executive Coaching ensures we use the right approach, tools and models to help guide, explore, challenge and champion you. We understand the importance of emotions and logical thinking and the need to have clarity internally so you can succeed externally. Our work together will ensure you achieve the best outcome for you. 


A young woman gained her seat on the Board through merit at a billion pound business. We initially worked together as she felt she couldn’t connect with the rest of the board as they had been together for such a long time and her personality was very different. Over time she gained the confidence to have her voice heard and do things in a different way. She has become an extremely valuable member of the boardroom team as a result.

A woman in IT was finding it hard to speak with external clients about the work her company did. She felt she needed to give her clients all the information in a tight time frame. Clearly this was proving a major obstacle to winning new clients. Before giving her the tools to sharpen and make her presentation compelling, we explored this need to give all the information. It emerged that she felt if she didn’t put all the information forward the client would think she didn’t know her material and wasn’t good enough at her job. Once we reframed this and gave her the tools she delivered a presentation that was confident, interesting and memorable. Her sales grew and she has been promoted.

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Powerful Presentations

Excellent presentations win new business, deliver a message in a powerful way and leave a memorable imprint on the mind.

The message is delivered with authenticity, clarity and confidence, using a tool-kit that ensures your content is interesting and engaging so you can connect with the audience.

Whether you are experienced or a novice, enjoy presentations or fear them we know what all great presenters know. We will share it with you.

Available for groups or for individuals as a coaching package.

Media Training

Media training is about dealing confidently with journalists and taking control of a situation.

The exact message must be delivered clearly and succinctly with passion and conviction, so it can be used to maximum effect.

Opportunities in traditional and new media need to be seized and used to your advantage. Used correctly the outcome can be extremely rewarding.

This is a very practical masterclass with sessions using the latest participatory training methods, professional camerawork and playback and editing facilities.

Available for groups or for individuals as a coaching package.

Crisis Management

Business reputation is built on a number of key factors including your people and the quality of your product or service. However, when companies find themselves in a difficult situation or are caught in a media storm their approach and behaviour to the problem speaks volumes. 

The ability to turn a bad news story around to a good one can make the difference to a company’s survival or demise. A strong reputation can also position you at the top of your market and firmly improve your bottom line.

Confidence and taking control early of the situation is key as it knowing what to say and how to say it.

This is a very practical masterclass with sessions using the latest participatory training methods, professional camerawork and playback and editing facilities.

Available for groups or for individuals as a coaching package.

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Public Speaking

Over the years Arti has presented everything from conferences to award ceremonies, interviewed guests and chaired panel discussions. 

She has presented events at the House of Lords and the National Exhibition Centre. 

She compared the largest awards ceremony in Europe for Investors in Excellence three years in a row. 

She presented ITV’s live entertainment stage at the Asian Mela before crowds of 20,000 people, every day for three days. 

She presents the annual Women of the Year Luncheon and Awards – a role she has held for more than 15 years before audiences of 600 people.

As a keynote speaker she focuses on topics around communication, presentations and Positivity and can design a talk to suit your needs.

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